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Prize Winners Announced.

Both Public and Parochial Schools Come in
For Consideration at the Hands of the Judges.
Human Flag is Pronounced the Best Feature
of Its Kind Ever Presented.

From Altoona Mirror, September 28, 1912

THE judges, with W. S. Hammond as chairman and John R. Bingaman, as secretary were composed of the following well known citizens:

W. L. Nicholson, I. C. Mishler, W. H. Bartle, Rev. A. E. Wagner, W. W. Blake J. G. Davis, Rev. M. J. Kline, A. W. Beckman, J. R. Bingaman, Fred Bendheim, Rev. H. L. Bowlby, W. M. C. Craine, H. A. Davis, W. H. Bennett, Dr. J. C. Nugent, W. R. Ramsey, Rev. E. R. McCauley, W. C. Brennecke, S. M. Griffith, W. S. Hammond, M. R. Keesey, Isaac Bender, Frans Eger, Colonel Theodore Burchfield

The awards of the prizes were made with the following results:

Automobile Parade.

For most artistically decorated automobile---Charles G. Mattas; prize, a handsome clock.

The second most artistically decorated automobile---To Gerald Vaughn; prize, an electric parlor lamp.

The third most artistically decorated automobile---To W. H. & L. C. Wolfe; prize, beautiful picture.

Military and School Parade.

School making best appearance in line---To Emerson school; prize, Pennsylvania State flag.

School having largest percentage of enrollment in line---To Madison school, which, out of 317 pupils, had 312 in line, five others being ill in bed; a handsome picture.

School having the best float in line---To St. John's parochial school; a picture.

School having best illustration of subject assigned in display---To Central Grammar school, having the Human Flag, considered by the judges the finest thing in the parade; a picture.

School having best alignment and best marching---To the Altoona High school; a picture.

Civic and Industrial Parade .

Organization having best band in line---To Knights of Pythias with the Tyrone band; prize, book-case.

Organization with best and most elaborate banner---The Knights of the Maccabees; a clock.

Organization best drilled in regulation military drill--display movements not being considered and not permitted---To the Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias; a silver cup.

Organization with largest number of men in line---To Washington camp No. 60, P. 0. S. of A.; a clock.

Organization having the most artistiscally decorated float---Swedish society, showing "The Monitor;" a clock.

Organization presenting best appearance in line---To Altoona fire department; Loyal War Governors' flag.

Organization having the largest number of men in line, exclusive of organizations in Blair county---To Huntingdon fire department; a silver cup.

Fire company having largest number of uniformed men in line--city department excluded---To Juniata fire company who marched as a body; a hand some clock.

Fire company making best appearance, number of men and apparatus considered---To P. R. R. fire department; rocking chair.

Retail merchant having largest number of elaborately decorated floats in line---To. W. S. Aaron; prize, walrus bag.

Retail merchant having the most artistically decorated float in line---To W. C. Westfall; silk U. S. flag.

Retail merchant having second most artistically decorated float in line---To Rothert company; traveling bag.

Retail merchant having third most artistically decorated float in line---To Standard Furniture company; traveling bag.

Wholesale merchant having largest number of elaborately decorated floats in line---To Curry, Canan & Co.; leather rocker

Wholesale merchant having the most artistically decorated float in line---To T. J. Armstrong & Son; traveling set.

Manufacturer having largest number of elaborately decorated floats in line---To Germania brewery; gentleman's traveling bag.

Manufacturer having the most artistically-decorated float in line---To Altoona brewery; rocker.

Special Tenth Division.

Most artistically decorated bicycle---To pony cart No. 20, owner not known to judges.

Most artistically decorated bicycle---To boat bicycle, owner not known to judges; sweater.

Second most artistically decorated bicycle---To aeroplane bicycle, owner not known; lamp

Third most artistically decorated bicycle---To box canopy bicycle, owner not known; silver cup.

Most unique and grotesque individual makeup on foot or mounted---To Ross Hoyer; travelor's toilet seat.

Most unique and grotesque company or organization on foot or mounted---To combined tribes of Red Men; a clock.

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