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What Our Canvasser Has To Say.

Reports That the Altoona Mirror Has 446
More Subscribers in This City Than All
Other Local Daily Newspapers Combined.

Altoona, Pa., November 16, 1912.

Mirror Printing Company:

Gentlemen---Herewith is the report of the canvass of the city, which, I believe, is as nearly correct as is possible to obtain. My report of the circulation of the several dailies has been fair and impartial. The people were, with a few exceptions, kind and willing to give the information desired.

The working class---in fact, nearly all, from a side-door view---show every indication of prosperity. The furnishings of the laborers---carpets, clothing, furniture, etc---are of far superior quality to those I have noted in other cities or towns. Libraries, musical instruments and evidences of refinement are noticeable, all of which we may attribute to the advantages we have on educational lines.

Over EIGHTY PER CENT. of citizens read the Altoona Mirror, the paper with no waste circulation.

Very truly yours,


Altoona Mirror a Home Newspaper.

That the Altoona Mirror is a Home Newspaper---one that goes into the homes and is read by all members of the family---has always been known to its publishers. For the purpose of establishing this fact beyond the peradventure of a doubt to all others, a house-to-house canvass of the city was made. The result is very gratifying, indeed. It proves what we have long suspected---that the Mirror enters more homes in Altoona than all of the other daily newspapers combined. The accompanying table is illuminating; it tells its own story. Of the 12,242 business places, dwellings and apartments in the city, 229 were found to be temporarily unoccupied, and 1,324 were not served with any paper. Of the 10,689 remaining, the Altoona Mirror is a daily visitor in 8,713 of them, which is 446 more than the Times, the Tribune and the Gazette---the three combined---visit.

The reason the canvass was limited to the confines of the city is this: We were anxious to learn exactly what percentage of the homes in Altoona are reached by the merchants who advertise in the Mirror---what percentage of the buying public reads in this newspaper about the things our business men have to sell. We find that over 80 per cent. of the population see the Mirror---four out of every five. That record certainly has few equals, and we doubt if it is excelled anywhere.

Now, it should not be supposed that 8,713 papers represent all the sales in Altoona. Eight thousand seven hundred and thirteen go into the homes alone each evening. Many people who work in the city and live outside of it buy Altoona's Favorite Newspaper, and carry it home with them. We were trying to ascertain the total number of persons living in Altoona who take the Mirror. And we have the correct figures.

The letter preceding is self-explanatory; so also is the tabulated statement following:

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