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Chapter II


ABOUT the time of the Revolutionary war, out north from old Fort Bedford, along Dunning's Creek, among the frontier settlers was a family by the name of Earnest. They lived up the stream a short ditance from where Nelson's mill was afterwards built. The father's name was Henry, the mother's name, Eve. Their children were George, Mary, Jacob, Johannas, Henry and Mike. Mrs. Phillips thinks the mother was Dibert but she is not sure.

They were clearing land and making rails for fences and had built a good cabin house. In 1906 old Mr. Jacob Griffith, near Cessna, told me he remembered the house very well. He said, "I could point to the stones of the chimney yet. My aunt lived in the old house 'till it had sunk so she could hardly get in and out the door. It is the farm where Dick Griffith lives now."

George, the oldest son, was born April 3, 1762. No record has been found of the other children so far. Just recently I received a splendid record of Henry's family from Greensburg, Pa. He was born March 28, 1772. Jacob was born about 1766. So Mary was by all accounts next to George. I have tried to find her age among the Diberts but failed. I have been giving George the oldest son; Mrs. Sill thought there was one called Johannas but was not sure. As I was about closing I found this line. He may have been the oldest of the family.

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