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Mary Earnest, only daughter of Henry and Eve Earnest.

When I commenced to gather data for this story, I could not find out what became of Mary after she ran through the meadow. Later, I found her in the biography of Dan C. Dibert, in a Bedford Co. History. I quote this biography.

She is buried on the Dibert farm but has no gravestone.

(Biography in History of Bedford Co.)

Daniel C. Dibert, a well-known farmer and one of the older residents of Bedford township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is a self-made man; that is, one who has achieved success in life by his own industry, thrift and steadfastness of purpose. A native of this township, born Aug. 3d, 1820, son of John and Barbara Dibert; he is of German ancestry.

The first title to land now owned by him was held by his paternal grandfather, John Dibert, Sr., whose first wife was Ene Ickes, the second being Mary Earnest. The children of John, Sr., and Ene Dibert were: David; Ene, wife of Peter Fetter; Elizabeth, wife of Valentine Rinehart; Barbara, wife of Valentine Fickes; and Susannah, wife of Samuel Roudabush. The children of John, Sr., and Mary Dibert were: John, born probably in 1789, father of Daniel C., Margaret, born October 4th, 1788, married Jacob Fetter, and died Sept. 9th, 1869; Catharine, born April 27th, 1792, married


John Croyle, and died May 15th, 1842; Mary, born Aug. 20th, 1794, married first, Henry Croyle, second, Jacob Dibert, third, Abram Sill, and died July 3d, 1865; Rachel, born Aug. 10th, 1798, married Henry Kauffman, died Jan. 27th, 1885.

Henry Earnest, Mrs. Mary Dibert's father, was killed by the Indians in Bedford Twp. Her mother and two brothers were taken captive and carried away, but after a number of years they made their escape and returned to Bedford.

John Dibert, second, was a pioneer settler of this part of Bedford County and here married Barbara Croyle. He died in 1830, while yet in the prime of manhood. Of his children, two survive, namely: Daniel C. the special subject of this biography; and Mrs. Barbara Zimmers, born in 1826, now the widow of the late Samuel Zimmers, of Bedford township. One son, John Dibert, third, born in 1818, died while young; and David, born in 1822, died in Missouri, Dec. 3, 1898.

Daniel C. Dibert was deprived of a father's care and guidance when a little fellow of eight years. From that time until of age he lived in Bedford township in the family of Michael Fetter, under whose instuction he obtained a pactical knowledge of farming, to which he has devoted the large part of his time. His facilites for acquiring an education were meager as compared with those of the present day, but he made the most of such as were afforded by subscription schools.

After working as a farm hand several years he inherited the homestead estate, on which he and his wife have spent the greater part of their married life.

In April, 1852, Mr. Dibert married Maria Carrell,


who was born and bred in Bedford township. They were blest with nine children, of whom seven are living, namely: Loyd C. and Wayne C. both of California; David F. of Manasses, Va.; Alice M. at home; Ida V., wife of Albert Dively; Emma M., at home; and Daniel 0. of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Two daughters are dead: Minnie E. and Caroline. Mr. and Mrs. Dibert are members of the Lutheran Chuch.

Descendants of John Dibert.

John Dibert married first, Ene Ickes (some give this as Eve.)
     1. David Dibert married Elizabeth Fickes. Her
father had held a commission under George the III.
            1. John Dibert married Rachel Blauch.

                  1. David Dibert married Lydia Connelly Griffith.

                         1. Scott Dibert. Lived in Johnstown. Died a few months ago.

                         2. Frank. Lived at Santa Fe, N. M. Died recently.

                         3. Florence. Living in Johnstown.

                  2. Abram Charles Dibert. Lived in California. Came East and died not long ago

    2. Ene Dibert (Mrs. Sill gave this name Eve) mar
ried to Peter Fetter, went west.
    3. Elizabeth Dibert married Valentine Rinehart.
Lived at the John W. Imler farm. No chldren.
    4. Barbara Dibert, married Valentine Fickes.

    5. Susannah Dibert, married Samuel Roudabush.


John Dibert's second wife, Mary Earnest.
      1. Margaret Dibert, born Oct. 4, 1788, married
Jacob Fetter. Died Sept. 9, 1869.
              1. John, married Catharine Dibert daughter of Jac. Dibert.

              2. Jacob, married Hettie Dibert daughter of Jac. Dibert. See George Earnest's line.

                    1. Mary, married Adam Imler.

                    2. Elizabeth, married John May, Bedford.

                    3. Margaret, married John Diehl.

              3. Margaret, married Ephraim Koontz.

                    1. Jane, married Aaron Cobbler.

                    2. Rosan, married Jacob Yount

                    3. Mary, married Thomas Imler.

                   4. Margaret, married Mr. Wilson, dead.

      2. John Dibert, born about 1789, married Barbara
Croyle. Died in 1830.
             1. Daniel C. Dibert, born Aug. 3,1820, married Maria Carrell, April 1852.

                              Great, great grand-daughter of "Indian Eve" in Geoge Earnest's line.

                   1. Lloyd C. Dibert of San Francisco, California.

                    2. Wayne C. Dibert of San Francisco, California.

                    3. David F. Dibert, lives at Kittanning Point, Pa. Married Sarah Elizabeth Earnest, youngest

                              daughter of  Daniel Earnest, son of Jacob Earnest. See Jacob Earnest's line.

                    4. Daniel 0. Dibert, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

                    5. Alice M. Dibert at home.


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                    6. Ida V. Dibert, married to Albert Dively.
                     Howard, married Mary Dibert. See Geo.
Earnest's line.
                           1. Paul. 2. Goldie.

Seventh generation in Mary Earnest's line. Eighth and seventh in George Earnest's line.

                    7. Emma, married to Roy Imler.

                    8. Minnie E. Dibert, dead.

                    9. Caroline Dibert, dead.

       2. Barbara Dibert born 1826, died about 1905.
Married Samuel Zimmers.
                    1. Samuel. 2. Amanda.

       3. John, born in 1818, died while young.

       4. David Dibert, born in 1822, died Dec. 3,
1898. Lived in Missouri.
3. Catharine Dibert born Apr. 27th, 1792, died May
15, 1842. - Married John Croyle.
4. Mary Dibert, born Aug. 20, 1794, died July 3,
1865. Married first Henry Croyle. Second
     Jacob Dibert, brother of Christ. Third
Abram Sill, a brother to Henry Sill's father.
       1. Sam.    2. Catharine, married Dan Fetter.

       3. Mary.  4. Margaret.

5. Rachael Dibert born Aug, 10, 1798, died Jan. 27,
1898. Married Henry Kauffman.
       1. John Kauffman, married Mary Riddle, went
               1. David.   4. William.

               2. John.     5. Mary Ellen.

               3. Samuel. 6. Mattie.

                       7. Naomi.

       2. George Kauffman, married to Leah Imler.

               1. Frank, living in Dunkirk, N. Y.


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               2. Jennie, married to H. W. Clouse, Roaring Spring, Pa.
  3. Jacob Kauffman, married Esther Weiant, lived near Imler Valley.

          1. Calvin.    6. Sherman.

          2. Cyrus.    7. George.

          3. Birdine.  8. Jennie.

          4. David.    9. Sarah.

          5. Shanon. 10. Effie.

                11. Rebecca.

  4. Henry Kauffman, married Elizabeth Snavely, sister of Fred. Lived near St. Clairsville.

         1. Frank.     3. Albert.

         2. Calvin.    4. Harry.

                 5. Mary.

  5. David Kauffman, married Annie Naugle.

         1. George. 4. Harry.

         2. Charlie.  5. Ella.

         3. Fred.     6. Jesse.

  6. Mary Kauffman, married Samuel Oster. Lived near St Clairsville.

         1. George. 2. Frank. 3. Emma.

  7. Margaretta, married Absolam Reighard.

         1. Edward.   3. Georgiana.

         2. Henry.      4. Nellie.

  8. Sarah A .Kauffman, never married, living at the old home at Imlertown, Pa.

I am indebted to her for the Kauffman genealogy.

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