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In the beginning of this work, I intended to give the descendants of the hero of the Story, down to about the great, great grand children, running out a few to show the number of generations. I thought that far, would enable all to see where they belonged in the different lines. To give a complete genealogy of all, to the youngest, was more than I cared to undertake. I have had the experience of all who try to gather such data. A few persons did not even reply; others wrote but hardly gave their names; while many were so interested that they gave complete family records and photographs, and offered to help in any way they could. "What good does it all do" says one. Is there no good in knowing what kind of ancestors we have had? The biography, of good brave and noble ancestors ought to inspire us to do great things with our opportunities and advantages. We do not half appreciate the blessings, which are ours, made possible only by the hardships and trials of those who have blazed the way in the past.

And now the work is done - my own part very imperfectly executed. It seemed, some times, like gathering jewels from dear old people, as they stood on the river's brink, looking across to the other shore. I commit to it the descendants of this noble, brave and patient mother. With the labor, there has been pleasure in harmonizing the data from the different lines. The reader will notice the namesakes - Eve.


I have been wondering if there is not some leading spirit in this large geneology, who will start a movement to erect a suitable memorial to mark the grave of this good woman. If not soon, it ought to be done in 1915 - the one hundredth anniversary of her death. A marker there, has been a dream of Mrs. Wm. Phillips. I hope she may live to realize its fulfillment.


On page eleven-Thomas Dibert married a Miss Robb, not Rock. On same page there are two children of this large family omitted, Isaac Dibert, and a sister who died from eating wild cherries.

On page fifty-two-Henry Earnest should be David Earnest, married Leah Reighard, daughter of Conrad Reighard. Had several sons in the west.

On same page-same family-
  7. Daniel Earnest, moved to Ill. Died there. Adam Earnest says "He married Dolly Shull. " So on page forty-nine I got the wrong Daniel.

On page fifty-five - some of the copies say " Sarah Fetters." It should read "Sarah Imler. "

On page one hundred and eleven-the names Lucy, Alice and David, should go above Ruth instead of below.

There are a few other errors.

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