Table of Contents
The Altoona Conference. The Semi-Centennial Celebration. ALTOONA MIRROR'S SOUVENIR. The Semi-Centennial Poem. Military and School Parade Webster School Leads Procession. Emerson School. Washington School. Jefferson School. Adams School. Irving School. Madison School's Display. Mill- We School. Wright School. Garfield School. High and Central Grammar Schools. wer St. John's Parochial School. St. Mark's. Ss. Peter and Paul's. St. James Lutheran. The Juniata Schools. The Formal Anniversary. Chairman Hicks' Address. Welcome by Mayor Walker. Speech of Governor Tener. The President's Address. Big Industrial Pageant. THE FIRST DIVISION. SECOND DIVISION. Woodmen Turn Out In Force. Odd Fellows' Division. THIRD DIVISION. Monitor Proves popular. Germans Represent Navy. FOURTH DIVISION. FIFTH DIVISION. Fire-Fighters of Altoona and Surround-ing Towns Present Popular Display. SIXTH DIVISION. SEVENTH DIVISION. EIGHTH DIVISION. Conestoga Wagon and "John Bull" Train Among the Interesting Features. NINTH DIVISION. Manufacturers Show Rolling Mill in Operation and Other Exhibits. TENTH DIVISION. Bicycles, Pony Carts, Fantastics, Unas-signed Wagons and Other Vehicles. Many Cars in Auto Parade. Prize Winners Announced. Civic and Industrial Parade. Sketch of The Mirror Office Eighteen Years of Steady Growth. What Our Canvasser Has To Say. GEORGE F. FRESH. Altoona Mirror a Home Newspaper.