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Johannas Earnest, son of Henry and Eve Earnest.
          Raised his family in the large old log house over on the hill from the old sawmill, at Imlertown. Adam Earnest says,    "he married a wife far away from here. I feel sure he is buried in a little old grave yard near Pleasant Valley; there is no grave stone but my father always helped to clean it up and made me help-as they were relatives. I am sure they lie there."

    1. Adam Earnest, married Hettie Holderbaum. He
died May 20., 1872, aged 84 years. Hettie died Sept. 27, 1880,  aged  82 years.
          1. Betsey Earnest, married Johnathan Bowser.

                1. Emma, married Emery Dicken.

                2. Mary, married Newton Drenning.

                3. Jacob, married Amanda Milburn.

                4. Aaron, married Lizzie Ridenour.

                5. David, married Maggie Little.

                6. Isaac, marreid Susan Croyle.

          2. Michael Earnest, married Beckie Zimmers.

                1. Sarah, married George Mosey.

                       1. Ella, married, lives in Pittsbug.

                2. Philip, married Marietta Wisegarver.

                       1. Ella, married Emanuel Hemning.

                3. Beckie. Dead.

                4. Hettie. Dead.

                5. Eliza. Dead.

          3. Hetty Earnest died June 15th, 1903, aged 73


          years, 6 months and 18 days, married David Snavely, died March 16th, 1910,aged 80 years, 9 months and 23 days.
                1. John, married Barbara Feight.

                      1. Charles, married Myrtle Swartz.

                            1. Charles Von.

                      2. Gilbert, married Catharine Johns.

                            1. John.    2. Catharine.

                      3. Gertrude

                             4. Pearle.

                      5. Percy, married Phoebe Weaverling.

                           1. Richard.

                      6. Mary.

                2. Frank, married Catharine Misner.

                3. Dubbs, married Emma Zimmers.

                4. Lizzie, died July 12, 1905 - aged 44 years,
married Joseph Reighard.
                      1. J. Roy.    2. Frank.

                5. Mary, married Geo. F. Zimmers.

                      1. Harry, married Nell Hersbberger.

                              One child.

                6. Ida, married Bruce Zimmers.

                      1. Fred.  2. David.   3. Mary.

          4. Mary Anne Earnest lives in Bedford.

          5. Susan Earnest, married Jacob Zimmers,

                  both dead.

                1. David E., married Annie Imler, daugh
ter of Isaac Imler.
                      1. Ella.

                      2. Calvin, married Stella Hudson.

                            1. Edna.   2. Lourene.

                      3. Sarah, married William Claycomb.

                            1. Elmer.  2. Erle.  3. Catharine. 


                               4. Alvin.
                     4. Minnie. (Nellie)

               2. Susan, married Thomas Earnest, live in  Altoona. See Geo. Earnest's line .

                     1. Gertrude, married Geo. Hargreaves.

                     2. Alma.

               3. Sarah, married James Sill of Kansas. She died Sept. 1910.

                     1. Herbert.  2. Oliver.   3. Hattie.

          6. John Earnest. Dead.

          7. Beckie Earnest, never married. Dead.

          8. Adam Earnest 78 years old. Lives in
Pleasant Valley, near Bedford. MarriedMary Ann Earnest, daughter of Geo.
               Earnest. See George Earnest's line.

              1. George Earnest, married Christie Hyde, daughter of Jno. Hyde.

                     1. Stella.  2. Gladys. 3. Millie.

                     4. George Raymond. 5. Margaret.

              2. William Earnest, married Nora Mechly.

                            1. Catharine.  2. Marie.

              3. Malinda Earnest, married Gregory White.

              4. Elmira Earnest, married Lee Diehl, son of Michael Diehl.

                     1. Charles Lester.  Dead.
              5. Rosa, married George Allison.

  2. Eve Earnest, married Henry Claar.

         1. Susan Claar, married ___ Stickler.

               1. Samuel Stickler, married Polly Imler.

                     1. Mary, married ____ Atwell.

                     2. Sadie, married Wm. Bridaham.

                     3. Eve, married Charles Atwell.


                     4. Mike.     5. Isaac.
                2. Mary Ann Stickler, married William Earnest. Same Earnest line Johannas 1st.

                     Daughter, married Levi Imler.

                3. Beckie Stickler, married Jacob Shunk.

                     1. Ella, married Albert Hughes.

                     2. David, married Margaret Dibert. See George Earnest's line.

                     3. Henry, married ____ Hemming.

                4. Sarah Stickler, married Daniel Price.

                5. Joseph Stickler, married Lizzie Barnhart.

                     1. George, married Emma Struckman

                     2. Annie, dead.

                     3. William, married Maggie Imler.

                     4. David.   5. Calvin.   6. Jacob.

          2. Rachael Claar, married Zachariah Koontz.

                1. Maria Koontz, married George Yount.

                2. Hettie Koontz, married Frank Beegle.

                3. Mamie Koontz at home.

                4 Adam Koontz, married Mary Eversole.

          3. Sarah Claar, married Nicholas Russell.

                1. Peter.

          4. Betsy Claar, married Adam Koontz.

                1. Annie, married Michael Koontz.

          5. Beckie Claar, married Lewis Ling. Moved
to Tenn. Died there.
                1. Sarah.  2. Anna.   3. Frank.

          6. Henry Claar, married Rebecca Helsel.

                1. William.   2. Mary.   3. Joanna.   4. Nettie

                5. Laura.   6. Blanche, twin sisters.

                7. Calvin.  Six children dead.

          7. Rosan Claar, married George Riddle. No


              children. Went west. He died there. She came back several years ago and died here aged 80 years.
        8. Hettie Claar, married Thomas Amick.

               1. Blanche, married Frank. Herkins. Live in West Huntingdon.

               2. Elmer, married Lizzie Lybarger.

               3. Samuel, married Mary Cole.

               4. Beckie.

               5. Maggie, married Harry Bagly.

               6. Mike, married Lila Smith.

  3. John Earnest, died Sept. 15, 1870 aged 73 years,
9 months and 13 days. Buried at the Albright church. Married    Mary Stiffler, died at the age of 54 years, 4 months and 12 days.
       1. John Earnest. A very religious man. Attended the Albright church.

       2. Maria Earnest, married John Croyle.

              1. Thomas.    2. Michael.

              3. Emma, married Joseph Smith.

              4. Mary, married Adam Bamer.

       3. Mary Earnest, married David Hite. No children. Lived in old log house for a long time, built a new house at head of      dam, never finished it, went west.

       4. Michael Earnest, married Hannah Friend.

             1. William. Lived in Morrison's Cove.

             2. Mary.

       5. Henry Earnest, married Caroline Hoover. Moved west.

       6. Samuel Earnest. Lived at a place called "The Swites."


       7. William Earnest, married Mary Ann Stickler, a daughter married Levi Imler.
  4. Michael Earnest, died April 27, 1852, aged 52
years, 7 months and 17 days.
       1. William, married Catharine Fetter, daughter
of Samuel Earnest. See GeorgeEarnest line.
                1. Harry, married Miss Stoudenour.

  5. Rachael Earnest, married 1st Samuel Claar, 2nd
       1. Susan, aged 79 years, married William Murry.

                1. Mary.   2. Chas.   3. William.

       2. Mary, dead. Married William Fletcher.

                1. John.

                2. Eliza, married William Easter.

                        1. Laura, married William Imler.

                               1. Harry.   2. Thomas.   3. Mary.

                3. Ella, married Dan Mock.

                        1. Percy.   2. Frank.   3. Elsie.
                        4. Virgil.    5. Dorothy.

                4. Susie

                5. Thomas, married Miss Miller.

                       1. Grace.

       3. William, married Sophia Jones.  Dead.

               1. Lottie.

               2. Samuel, dead.  Married Bridget OShea.

                       1. Edith.  2. Helena.  3. James.

               3. Ella, dead. Married Hershberger.

               4. Ida, dead. Married Bonner.

               5. William.

      4. Emma, aged 68 years, married Adam Leon
               1. Jerome, married Savanah Rice.


                      1. George, married Basil Bee Miller.
                      2. William.  3. Virginia.   4. Agnes,
twin sisters.
                      5. Walter.   6. Edgar.

                2. Ella, dead.

                3. Ambrose, married Emma Dugan.

                      1. Lida.   2. Mary.   3. Adam.

                      4. Thelma,  dead.

                4. James, married Jane Rice.

                      1. Earl.   2. Annie.   3. Charles.

                      4. Mary.    5. Theora.

                5. John, married Maggie Lehman.

                      1. Anastasia, dead.   2. Bernadetta.

                      3. Paul.   4. Mary.   5. Regis.

               6. Mary, married Henry Straub.

                      1. Adam.   2. Francis.   3. Alice.

                      4. Magdaline.   5. Faye.   6. Emma.

               7. Emma, married F. J. Deckerhoof.

                      1. Madalin, dead.   2. Kathlyn.

               8. Sylvester, married Lizzie Fachtman.

                      1. Dorothy.   2. Bruce.   3. Hubert.

               9. Anthony, married 1st Loretto Giffin.

                      1. Francis, dead.

                   2nd wife Alice O'Neal.

                     1. Marie.  2. Catharine, twins.

                      3. Regis.   4. Joseph.

      5. Ruth aged 65 years, married Richard Price.

               1. William.  2. Mary.  3. Cleveland.

               4. Walter.   5. Oscar.  6. George

            10. Lucy.

            11. Alice.

            12. David.

     6. Henry Earnest, died Jan. 25, 1881, aged 75
years, 8 months and 10 days. Married


          Maria Corboy, died June 22, 1851, aged 35 years, 2 months and 29 days.
             1. Eliza Earnest, married Michael Zimmers.

                   1. Michael.   2. Frank.   3. Harvy.

                   4. Natie, married Charles Reighard.

                   5. Lizzie, married Henry Shafer.

                   6. Gertie, married Harry Smith.

             2. Susan Earnest, married Joseph Kegg. No children.

             3. William Earnest, married Angelina Wolf. Live on Pigeon Hills. Had family.

             4. Joseph Earnest of Bedford married Mary Ellen Amick.

                   1. George.   2. Calvin.

                   3. Daisy, married Arthur Huzzard.

             5. James Earnest, dead.

     7. Frederick Earnest married Elizabeth Sill, sister
of Henry Sills
             1. Jacob, went west 40 years ago. Back 2 years ago, took picture of old house, at Phillips' home, said he was a descendant of "Indian Eve

             2. Daniel, went west.

In the second chapter I said that "Johannas may have been the oldest in the family."

Before last November I had nothing on this line. Mrs. Henry Sill told me before she died that she thought there was one son Johannas. I knew there were a lot of Earnests that likely were his descendants but I could not find any one who could go back farenough. I had about given up finding him when Mrs. Phillips said, "Write to Adam Earnest of Pleasant Valley." I did so, and he replied. "My father was


Adam Earnest, and his father was Johannas Earnest who escaped from the Indians when they killed his father, Henry Earnest, and captured his mother, Eve Earnest and two boys." Adam Earnest was the only one I found who knew that Henry was the name of the father who was killed by the Indians. I had found this in a history of Bedford Co. While gathering data all winter on this line - some of it after the other chapters were off the press, I find that Johannas was the oldest of the family. Mrs. Phillips seemed to have the idea that he was old, as she thought he might have been a brother to Henry, who was killed. Adam Earnest soon set this right, and, I am so thankful, as the genealogy would have been very incomplete without this line. I am also indebted to Mrs. Ida Snavely Zimmers and John Leonard of Bedford, Pa. R. F. D., and Mrs. Frank. Herkins and Mrs. Hettie Flake of Huntingdon, Pa., who have so generously assisted.

I tried to get photographs in this line but failed. If I had found them sooner, I think I could have gotten some.

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